For knitting, cross-stitching and quilting

The easy way to create and follow your own charts

Comes packed with colours and symbols

Choose Colours and Symbols From A Wide Range

Why Use Knitoodle?

Create a chart with just a few clicks

Create your chart and then tap to add colours and symbols

Wide range of colours and symbols

Choose from 12 built-in colours and a wide range of symbols to create your chart.  And if that’s not enough, you can even add your own*!

Take Your Charts Anywhere

With the option of viewing the entire chart at once, or a row at a time, Knitoodle is the handiest way to take your charts wherever you go.

Knitoodle makes it easy to create and view charts! Used by knitters, cross-stitchers and quilters, your charts are available on your phone or tablet, just when you need them.
Getting Help

Getting Started

Downloaded Knitoodle, but not sure where to start? This guide walks you through creating your first chart.


For a more detailed look at using Knitoodle, read the Manual.

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* Note that some features are only available in the Pro version. For full details see here.